VPS Hosting 2019

A VPS hosting is a great option for small business owners who would like to have a dedicated web hosting server, but consider that for them renting a physical server is too expensive. Usually the price of a VPS hosting is a little higher then of a shared web hosting, but its possibilities are much wider. So a VPS hosting will allows us to have our own place with minimal costs.

How to choose a VPS hosting

When choosing a VDS (VPS)provider we must take into consideration the most important factors. Since on this hosting will be located the website that brings you money (your business), you need to approach the choice very carefully. Recently appeared a lot of VDS / VPS providers and to buy the cheapest server and to put on it the control panel does not cost much. Unfortunatly, only few people are interested in what kind of equipment is used, whether the provider is registered as a legal entity and other factors.  You can read below some tips on choosing the perfect VPS server for your business.


Selection of geographical location

Choosing a location for VDS ( VPS ) server should be based on the geographical indication. If your project is designed for the United States, it is better to take a server in United States or the nearest countries – thus the speed of access to the resource will be maximized. Taking the server, for example, in the United States or Germany, with a target orientation on Russia or CIS countries is not very well because of the rather long delay, which is formed by distance. For example, if the average ping to Russia from Germany will be 40-60 ms, from Ukraine or Belarus 15-20 ms, if you take the US, it is about 80-100ms.


In this comparison table,  we selected the most popular companies, which VPS servers are the best in our experts and visitors opinion.

Product Features & Expert Rating Pricing plans from :
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$5,99 $7,99

Virtualization Technology

What virtualization technology to choose

There are 3 virtualization technologies: OpenVZ (Virtuozzo), Xen, FreeBSD Jails. All three technologies are excellent, proven, but they have differences. OpenVZ (Virtuozzo) is the most time-tested technology for mass Enterprise VDS hosting, developed by Parallels and used for many years. It allows you to use as any OS Linux OS may create a high density servers, excellent network stack virtualization losses are minimal (only 1-2%). Minus one- you can not change the core of the operating system and its modules. However, this is a plus for many people and if hoster updates the kernel, it is updated on all VDS / VPS, and will be relevant. The user does not need to take care of its renewal. Xen  has gained popularity only in 2009 when he became OpenSource (before the product has been paid). It uses hardware virtualization, Installation and replacement of any OS kernel. Due to the use of an entirely hardware virtualization, the performance loss can reach up to 20% and sometimes 50%. Cons - The complexity of the management and restoration of the operating system in case of failure, low stability (rarely seen with node uptime than 300 days), the network stack. Pros - the ability to install any OS and any kernel. FreeBSD Jails is not so much virtualization as Jails literally. Modify the kernel as in OpenVZ can not change the OS and its version is also impossible to use OS nodes. Of the benefits can be called a high density and a reduced consumption of disk VDS (VPS) as there is no need to recreate some of the files, they are taken from the node. What we use? Each different tasks that need to be addressed in the VDS (VPS), but if the problem web-design, then choose the Xen is not entirely reasonable. Losing performance only because of the possibility to change the core of meaningless in this case the most suitable OpenVZ, FreeBSD Jails (VDS-Manager). In our opinion OpenVZ gives more freedom to the user that may choose the OS and its version in contrast to FreeBSD Jails.

Selection of VDS / VPS provider

Pprovider choice

The choice of the provider of accommodation is no less important. The first thing to note is it`s website. If the website provider is not made qualitatively, in haste, it contains images that do not meet activity is a clear sign that you have stumbled upon a novice hosting provider from whom you will not get the required quality of service. In the site must be present telephone numbers (not just email, icq), so that in case of any questions you have the opportunity to call them. If there are no phones numbers - it means only one thing, that the hoster has afraid of responsibility and confidence in the quality and duration of its work. In the site must be present the Public Offer with the details of the legal entity, as it is a legal requirement. If a public offer is not available, does not contain any details, it is a sign that in the event of problems, you do not get the money you spent on this VDS (VPS) hosting. If hoster accepts WebMoney, the site should be a link to the seller's passport (it is a prerequisite WebMoney), no harm will check BL (business level) and the availability of claims in the certificate.

Equipment VDS / VPS provider

Equipment used for virtualization

On the website should be avalable the information about your hardware virtualization. Keep in mind that it should be used server hardware (CPU Xeon / Opteron, only drives SAS), but not perosonal computers


Support VDS / VPS provider

If you take VDS (VPS) server, you probably have administration skills OS Linux \ FreeBSD, so the support team you most likely will use rarely, but you would like that the support if necessary solve quickly your requests. Almost all providers write on the website about a 24/7 support, but in fact this support only 5% of those who wrote it. Check out this easy: go to the website hosting the night, and try to ask a question. The response time will show you the truth. We hope our little instruction will help you make the right choice!