405 Not Allowed

What it is an 405 Not Allowed Error ?

Error 405 Not Allowed means that the server is performing some operation, and at some point got to this forbidance.

Why is this happening?

Typically, such a situation occurs for the following reasons:

1. If you import \ export too much database through a PHP-script. Almost every hosting has an operation time limit for particular php-script (usually about 30 seconds). And after this time, you will receive an error message.

How to fix? There are 2 options:

a) use for the emport \ export  databases phpMyAdmin web interface. This is the most popular way to transfer a database.

b) The other option is to break your files in parts, the transmission of which will be laid in the allotted time, and so you will avoid this 405 Not Allowed Error .


2. PHP-script on your site is trying to cause files with the extensions that should handle Apache-server.

How to fix? To get started on the server logs  it is necessary to determine if sure this is the problem. If so, get in the hosting control panel section “Static files” and remove those extensions that interfere with the normal script operation.  Important! Changes can take effect within about 2 hours.

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