Choosing Web hosting in Europe

The advantage of European web hosting companies, due to their geographical positioning is that they are as far away from America and Asia. That`s why the European web hosting providers, with servers located in Europe, provide a quick acces speed to stored websites from all around the world ( America and Asia) . We can`t say it in case of servers located in US, China or India.

Actually, there is a lot of companies providing web hosting in Europe. Some of them work for their country customers, others – export services all around the world. Many of these companies have increased and have become real web hosting giants with servers located all around the world. They also have developed high quality services ( speed, support, up time ) at a very good price on the market.

There are also a lot of little providers web hosting in Europe, that develop businesses only inside their country. These hosting companies, sometimes have very interisting plans, but overall they can`t develop very good support and other parameters due to the moderate customers number.

That`s why, our experts team recommends to benefit from the services of most popular providers in Europe. These companies, in addition to usually high service quality often have very attractive web hosting coupons and offers.

Below you can see the Top of EUROPEAN Web hosting providers, according to our experts and customers reviews on our web site.

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SiteGround Reviews. Features. Coupons 2015

$3,95 $11,95

2 HostPapa Web hosting reviews

$3,95 $7,99