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Free Web Hosting – how to choose a really good one in 2019.

The problem of choosing a free web hosting or a good and cheap web hosting for website quite often arises even before the experienced webmasters. But if they can solve this problem quickly, then for the beginner webmasters it raises a lot of issues and questions the answers to which are unknown when choosing a hosting service for the website fot the first time. An important factor for beginners is also the costs of hosting services, so many of them prefere a free web hosting from a non popular provider.

The competition in the free hosting market continously increases, forcing the companies to offer more and more different services, monitor the stability and the speed of your servers. The range of choices of free web hosting at the moment enormous, with a good quality, often not inferior and sometimes superior to many paid hosting company, but, unfortunately, find a free web hosting that fully meets your needs, is very difficult.

Sometimes, the hosters provide a database MySQL with a hard size limit, thus pushing you to go on paid tariff plan. The solution is to carefully examine the list hosting free services, find the user reviews, view ratings.

But before looking for free hosting, let’s look at a few questions the answers  to which we must know before proceeding to the hosting choice :

Do you agree to place a Foreign Advertising on your blog or website?

Free hosting is often free only conditionally. If you do not pay for hosting, it is likely that you will do it for an advertiser whose ads you have to endure on your site. Sometimes it can be a small text link at the page bottom, and sometimes a decent size banner in the top.

We shouldn`t  ignore hosts requiring advertising for their services for several reasons:

Firstly, these hosting companies are interested in satisfying all your needs as a customer. When you will leave, will leave the advertiser money. Secondly, a small AD is ideally placed, not harm any page design nor their filling. However, if you don`t like this, pay attention free web hostings without ads.

What services are necessary for your website?

If your site is made not only with HTML, you probably need your server capabilities such as support for php and database MySQL.

The exact list of requirements you can find on the official website cms, managing your site. In order to find the appropriate service offered to you via free hosting, use the advanced search hosters.

How much disk space you need?

For a personal site without lots of big photo and video gallery, you will need no more than 10-20 MB of disk space.

But when the website grows, also grow the disk space requirements. You should consider that, when choosing a hosting platform on which you can arrange to 100-200 MB of your files.

Giving preference to the hosters only offered for unlimited disk space is not necessary. The practice shows that to the holders of websites of more than 1 gigabytes, those hosting providers usually deny services fo various reasons.

However, before buying a free web hosting in which we can not have confidence, our webmasters and experts team recommend you to analyse the best deals from the most popular providers – very Cheap Web Hosting, because often, with very little money you can get much more than from a free hosting (SUPPORT, SAFETY, SPEED, DISC SPACE , other options ). See also our BEST WEB HOSTING COUPON 2019  .

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